4 Essential Components Your Site Needs if You Are Doing PPC Marketing

Today, many companies make use of Pay-Per-Click, i.e. PPC marketing for driving traffic to their websites. In fact, research shows that PPC marketing efforts make up around fifty percent of overall search engine marketing strategies used by companies worldwide. If you use it properly, this marketing tool can bring great results at a low cost.

PPC can be used for selling goods, services, and raising awareness about important issues. It can help you reach people who are somewhat interested in what you have to offer, and direct them to your website.

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How to Choose the Right Paid Traffic Source for Your Business

I believe that you have spent a great deal of effort to set up an attractive website and keep it working flawlessly. But, as you already know, the website itself cannot attract as many visitors as you need to keep your business results positive. This is where paid web traffic comes into play. The only question is – how to choose the right paid traffic source that fits your business needs best?

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Easy Strategies for Winning at PPC Marketing for Ecommerce

You have probably paid a lot of money to have someone build your website. Now you stand in awe, admiring what you think is a true piece of art. However, you’re not getting the traffic you expect and deserve. After trying out various guerrilla tactics for attracting attention to the site, you are currently thinking about starting a ppc marketing campaign. In other words, you are here because you are searching for ppc marketing for ecommerce tips.

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Why Most Businesses Fail with Pay Per Click Marketing

If you are running an online business, you are probably familiar with the struggles of attracting a large number of website visitors. Looking for ways to increase their profits, many business owners nowadays rely on pay per click marketing as an advertising method. They pay Yahoo, Facebook, Google and similar companies to help them drive traffic to their website. The fee they have to pay depends on the keywords they use.

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Quick Tips for Writing an Awesome Blog Post

When it comes to driving traffic to your site, one of the most effective and most misunderstood tools available comes in the exact form as this post comes to you: a blog post.

It is generally accepted in the web arena that frequent, good-quality blogging can increase traffic to your site significantly. As a matter of fact, a recent study by Hubspot found that frequent posts could increase site traffic 5 fold. For small businesses, the news is even better as the study surmised that there is an even more significant correlation between increased blog posts and increased site traffic than is the case for larger businesses.

It’s no coincidence then that many businesses are clamoring to start up a proper blog. But, before you strike up an account and start blogging away we wanted to give you a few tips for creating good quality posts.


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Small Business Owner

Does Your Small Business Need a Website?

Do I need a website for my small business? As a small business owner it’s a legitimate question to ask. Websites do require a monetary investment. But, even more importantly they require a time investment. So, considering the money, time, and effort it takes to maintain a successful website for your business it also makes sense to consider whether or not you actually need one.


To help answer that question, consider this analogy. About four months ago I saw a package of phone books being delivered to the building where I work. The two shrink-wrapped stacks of Yellowpages adorned the center table-piece of our building lobby for about two weeks. At that point, someone got tired of the eyesore and moved them to the corner, sitting them in the floor by the elevator. They sat there for another six weeks until they finally disappeared (I’m assuming to the recycling bin).

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