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  • Automate processes and optimize your ecommerce operations with API’s

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Ecommerce store owners:

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Whatever point you are at in your ecommerce journey we can help. From existing store issues to ecommerce planning…we love to talk shop. It doesn’t hurt to just reach out and have a conversation.

Application Development Interfaces (API’s) allow content and tools from huge websites, companies and web services like Payment Gateways, Shopping Feeds, Shipping Services, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Ebay to appear on other sites across the web—websites like yours.  There are so many API’s out there it would be impossible to mention them all, but here are many our developers have already worked with:

Payment Gateways

  • Paypal API
  • Braintree API
  • First Datal API
  • API
  • Chase Paymentech API
  • Cybersource API
  • Beanstream API
  • Paperless Transactions API


  • Shipworks API
  • EasyPost API
  • Fedex API


  • Shopper Approved API
  • Upsell API
  • API
  • Google Analytics Implementation – Universal Analytics
  • Adwords Conversion Tracking and Retargeting and Product Feed
  • Bing Conversion Tracking and Retargeting and Product Feed
  • CDN Implementation: Amazon CloudfrontRackspaceCloudflare


  • Kindful API
  • OpenAuth Spec
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Shopping Feeds

  • Google Shopping API
  • Bing Shopping API
  • Godatafeed API

These API’s bring power to your site in a way that you could not do alone. However, integrating this type of power to your site requires a little effort and work. This is where we come in. Let Weismann Web’s programmers help you with your website’s API integration and make your apps more powerful and effective.

What Do API’s Do?

API’s enrich your website with functionality and service that you could not provide alone, or at least, not without a huge investment of time and money. You can turn a simple page into a living, breathing organism that includes social sharing, search, map technology and much, much more. Nearly all of the top web properties offer some form of API that you can utilize to make their information and services available through your own platform. This offers another level of service for your customer too.

Weismann Web’s developers can help you create a customized API integration solution that will exceed your expectations in every way. Whether you need help with just one simple API on an existing website or you want to put together a full suite of services on your brand new website, we have the skill to interpret the API documentation and implement it correctly.

If the web service has documentation, we can work with anything. We have, in fact, worked a few times with API’s without documentation, or very little.

Whether you are new to API’s or you are just adding a new one to your website, we can help. Give us a call or contact us today, and let us talk to you about our API integration skills.

We can help with...

Shipping Management API’s


Web Marketing API’s


Location Detection API’s
Warehouse Management API’s
Shipping Quote API’s


Conversion Improving API’s
Inventory System API’s


Drop Shipping API’s and Integration
Comparison Shopping API’s and Product Feeds


Email Marketing API’s
Web Analytics API’s


Anything & Everything for Any API that has documentation and some that even don’t!
  • This has been a long and detailed project. Henry and his staff have done an excellent job completing the product. I am extremely happy with the service I've received from Henry and Weismann Web. Service is prompt and courteous and rates are reasonable. I couldn't be happier. Best IT support I've had in many years!
    Knitting Zone
  • Weismann Web not only responds immediately to any technical issue we have, but provides invaluable advice as to the next course of action. Their innate knowledge of website ecommerce, functionality, design and navigation is unparalleled. I recommend them to anyone looking to start or expand a web site presence or business.
    Maureen Cronin
  • I'd been looking all over for support on my website issues. Henry was the first competent person I found who responded quickly, fixed the problems efficiently and helped me understand what the problems were and how they could be fixed. His service was impeccable and so swift I am elated at the professionalism and efficiency of this support and will be using him again when other website issues arrive or for services I may need in the future.
    Sherry Atwell

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