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Do you need to migrate from your old outdated cart to a new one?

This is a daunting task for most e-commerce stores.  First, there is the complication of moving your old orders, customers, and products into the new cart.  That’s even more complicated when you have thousands of products and orders.  It can go wrong in so many ways.

Weismann Web handles cart migrations and upgrades from A-Z with precision and care.  Not only will be migrate your data we can do things you may not have had the option for in your old cart.  Such as:

  • Integrating with your CRM, ERP or backend systems
  • Add marketing automation
  • Make your store mobile-friendly
  • Add new types of payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Add features that improve your offer to your customers or save you money
  • The sky is the limit…

Our job is to make sure your store is fast, is helpful to your customers and that you get more orders than before the upgrade and we can do that for you.

We work with various shopping cart platforms by developing them to convert visitors to buyers, encourage return visits when your product line is needed again, integrate with shipping systems, inventory systems, marketing platforms and more.  You name the eCommerce need; not only can we help with it, but we have most likely already done something similar for another client.

Whatever point you are at in your ecommerce journey, we can help. From existing store issues to ecommerce planning, we love to talk shop. It never hurts to just reach out and have a conversation.

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  • "We first approached Weismann Web Design after a less than stellar experience with another company. Henry Weismann was able to quickly access what our site's needs were, the shortfalls that needed to be corrected and offered additional ideas for improvements that we had not even thought of. Since that time, we have had Weismann Web handle several other projects all with great results. We are very grateful to have him working with our team."
    Tammy Smith
    Website/Project Specialist
  • "I was delighted with the attentive, thorough and creative work that Henry Weismann did on my website. Working with him was a stress free experience, and the results were beyond my expectations of what a website like mine would be able to accomplish and how it would look.
    Margery Kashman
    College Essay Whiz
  • Henry looks at your project as if it was his and makes excellent suggestions as to how to improve your plans. He thinks ahead and towards future expansion. He is worth every penny.
    Jean Stellars
    Vita Trade Inc
  • -It's so nice to have a reliable resource and someone with accountability!
    Donna Harrington
  • I am very happy with the project you did last time and trust your work. It works wonderfully! Great job!!! I'm so excited we fixed this. Wow, great job! I'm so excited you were able to do this! Thanks again for the work you did on our website! You did a wonderful job.
    Elizabeth Stephano
  • We were so pleased with Henry's grasp of what our company is, what it does and the past problems that have plagued us for a long time. All discussed issues were handled in the time frame that was given to us, and without causing other problems and issues. It has been a pleasure to work with someone so knowledgeable and professional. You have no idea how great it is to work with someone who is knowledgeable and willing to help to get things to where they need to be. Thank you!!!
  • You are a rockstar! I really appreciate your help!
    Teri Bickley
  • Weismann Web not only responds immediately to any technical issue we have, but provides invaluable advice as to the next course of action. Their innate knowledge of website ecommerce, functionality, design and navigation is unparalleled. I recommend them to anyone looking to start or expand a web site presence or business.
    Maureen Cronin

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