Opencart DeveloperThough the software is free to use, hiring an OpenCart development company can help ensure that your online store is properly installed and configured. Since the service offers thousands of both paid and free extensions, it can be difficult to determine which ones are appropriate for your business’s needs, and it’s critically important to trust and understand the service you could be using for hours each day and depending on for your livelihood. If your business is considering an online shop using OpenCart, contact Weismann Web today to learn more about the service and schedule a consultation.


OpenCart Shopping Cart Solution

OpenCart’s software is free and open source; users are free to inspect or even alter its source code, and there is no cost to download or deploy the software. While users will still need to pay for web hosting, certain proprietary plugins, and the optional premium customer service package, OpenCart can still offer significant savings over proprietary e-commerce software such as Shopify.

OpenCart itself is only the software that can be used as the basis for an e-commerce website. Users can take it and create their own websites, knowing that the most sensitive pieces of code such as credit card transactions are fully protected through strong encryption. Once the website is designed, webmasters will need to register a domain name and deploy their site to a server to create a live website.

Clients who don’t wish to manage their own server can purchase a subscription to the OpenCart Cloud service, which uses Amazon Web Services’ servers to host websites; prices are available in three tiers, depending on how much traffic and incoming data the webmaster anticipates. The OpenCart Cloud platform includes regularly scheduled backups and a robust architecture that guarantees customers’ sites are always online.

Even if you already run a website powered by other e-commerce software, you can still switch to OpenCart with less effort than you might expect. An affiliated product called Cart2Cart can help users migrate their stores from other shopping cart software to OpenCart. This proprietary service, which is endorsed by OpenCart’s developers, supports migration from over 80 different software products, accepts a wide variety of data types, never requires your store to go offline, and offers 24/7 customer support. Cart2Cart makes it extremely easy to switch to OpenCart, and is especially useful for stores with a large database that might otherwise need to be entered manually.

A custom OpenCart development solution can allow businesses of any size to create the online presence they’ve only imagined, and help them focus on their products and marketing without worrying about their website’s security and appearance. The platform can be used to create professional websites that run smoothly on both desktops and mobile phones, have advanced features for SEO and marketing, and scale up to handle even thousands of orders each day.

To get the most out of your online store, contact an experienced OpenCart Development Company like Weismann Web that works hard to keep up with the latest news about e-commerce platforms like OpenCart.


OpenCart Features

– Clean, easy-to-use dashboard. No matter how large and complex your online stores become, all the important information will be right at your fingertips once you log in. Users interested in more in-depth reports will find plenty of extensions to help query their data.

– Manage your customers’ data. OpenCart gives administrators a built-in MySQL database that allows them to easily manage mailing lists and sort customers into various groups.

– Fraud protection. OpenCart can help you prevent fraudulent or suspicious orders using its built-in FraudLabs service or several extensions. These services do require subscriptions, but can help avoid major headaches.

– Sell downloadable content. Does your business sell digital content, like games, music, ebooks, or videos? OpenCart lets you easily upload files, then sell them to downloaders.

– Support for subscription services. If your business sells subscription services, OpenCart can help. You can easily create a subscription payment model that lets customers sign up to receive your product or service at whatever interval you specify.

– Offer sales and coupons. It’s easy to add discounts or coupons, including for specific groups of customers or with a custom automated schedule, and you can even receive reports that explain whether these promotions are leading to more traffic and sales.

– Manage affiliates. If your business works with affiliates who consign or promote products through you, OpenCart makes it easy to keep track of how well their goods are doing and gives you several different choices for how to pay them.

– Add options to your products. OpenCart makes it easy to add different options to your products, letting users select their preference of color, size, etc., so there’s no need to create multiple listings for different versions of the same good.

– Manage multiple stores. OpenCart allows users to manage as many stores as they’d like from a single dashboard. Each store can be completely independent, with their own graphical theme, products, prices, extensions, and more.

– Backup and restore. OpenCart can save all of your store’s themes, extensions, and private data to be backed up any time it’s needed. This can be a lifesaver if the servers running your website ever suddenly fail.

– Unlimited products and categories. One unique aspect of OpenCart is that it actually has no limits on the amounts of products you can list, or the amount of categories you can sort them into. Stores can literally feature millions of products if they’d like, so long as they have the server space to host such a site.

Even experienced webmasters will find that hiring an OpenCart web development company is critically important when setting up an online store. Though the platform is user-friendly and its support forums are eager to help, the vast catalog of extensions can be difficult to comb through, and customers can gain complete peace of mind that their website is perfectly suited for their business’s goals.


E-Commerce Solutions for OpenCart

In addition to all the built-in features described in the previous section, OpenCart also offers over 13,000 extension apps, ranging from themes that suit any aesthetic to plugins that can add powerful new features. Some of these plugins are able to integrate with various social media pages and external retail sites, create detailed sales reports, connect with a wide variety of shipping services and payment gateways, and much more.

OpenCart offers several features to manage your site’s SEO impact and marketing efforts. The tools included in the core package are quite powerful, and many extensions are available to provide even more flexibility. Users can add meta descriptions and tags, measure the frequency of keywords in their headings and text, and inspect sites linking to their store. More traditional marketing efforts are also easy: users can offer sales, coupons, and loyalty programs, communicate with customers through mailing lists, and receive reports about how much impact the promotions are generating.

OpenCart makes it easy to do business all around the world. The software is available in over 40 different languages, including those with right-to-left writing and unique alphabets, and it offers intuitive support for international currencies, taxes, and shipping.

OpenCart also offers an abundance of support services. The developers offer a paid service program that gives subscribers complete peace of mind, with comprehensive help installing, configuring, and troubleshooting their system, and a guarantee that all requests are answered within 48 hours. In addition to this paid program, OpenCart has a very large community of users who help one another for free on the site’s forums; the forum has over a half million posts from about 110,000 members. Several books have also been published about the platform.

Skilled OpenCart Development Company can help businesses of any size, whether they’re a massive enterprise or a one-person startup. And as your business grows, there won’t be any additional fees aside from server upgrades, new extensions, and development help – OpenCart’s core software will always remain free to use.



OpenCart offers a powerful tool that can help give your business a stable, secure, and nice-looking website. For software that’s so remarkably flexible and ambitious in its scope, OpenCart remains surprisingly easy to use, and is appropriate for both seasoned and first-time webmasters alike. OpenCart’s development team offers a great deal of support for its clients, but the developers’ admirable commitment to the open source model means that webmasters still have the option to work outside the creators’ auspices and customize their own independent copy of the software.

Contact Weismann Web to learn more about how OpenCart can help your business and schedule a consultation. We’re a leading OpenCart development company, and can help you find the perfect extensions to accomplish any business’s goals.