How do the support plans work?

Whenever an fix is necessary, we will take care of it for you. These plans include bug fixes for unmodified custom programming we have delivered. Our support turnaround is typically a few business days per issue, or faster if you are in a real pinch. You can choose from support plans as little as 6 hours. All custom software we have built comes with 90 days guaranteed free support and we often support our work much longer then that. These plans will begin at the end of your free support period.

What services can the support hours be used towards?

Bug fixes, simple changes and in some cases new programming.

What are the Maintenance Plans?

Depending on how much support you anticipate needing, you can pay for the following plans and upgrade whenever you like!



Choose your protection Plan

From 20% to 40% lower than our normal rates because we know the investment you made in the software! If a bug somehow comes up down the line we want to squash it!


Free Support
Unlimited Hours
Until 90 days after final approval and launch.
Band Aid
Up to 6 hours for 6 months



Only $65 per hour


First Aid
Up to 12 hours for 1 year



Only $60 per hour


Quality Protection
Up to 24 hours for 1.5 years


Only $55 per hour

Serious Protection
Up to 50 hours for 2 years


Only $50 per hour


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What if I don’t use my time?

Don’t worry – you can use your hours for new projects up to 6 months after plan expiration! You can apply 75% of the hours for a discount up to 60% of the new project price. 

What is the next step?

Contact us to review how much time you might need and the right plan for your software or order now!