Custom Ecommerce Design for Community Supported Agriculture Sreenshot: Shares

Community Supported Agriculture

Admin Area

Here is a quick clip of the admin area.  At least what we could show without taking too long of a video.  This app was built in 2010 and we have been maintaining it ever since.  The administration has everything they needed to setup a CSA based ecommerce site where pricing and stocl levels was specific to each CSA.  There is stock control, reporting, payment gateways, contacts with a mass mail feature, email templates, orders, order creation, CSA area and much more.

What We Did

For Stoneledge Farms we designed and developed a custom ecommerce system for their community supported agriculture driven farm from scratch. This custom coded system was built with CodeIgniter and included a full store front, vendor specific pricing, stock levels for each CSA location, modular payment system, reporting and a contact relationship manager with mass mailing capabilities.


Member Store Front

Here is a video of the member facing portion of the CSA ecommerce application software we developed. This allows CSA members to purchase shares and other products and checkout.  Members can also view order history, add share partners and pay outstanding balances.  This system also forces purchasing of mandatory shares and having the customer say yes or no to suggested shares.

Shayne Foods Custom Ecommerce Site Design: Home Page


A Quick Video of the Custom Admin Area Features

The admin area features give Shayne Foods the ability to create retail or fundraising orgnaizations, sellers or stores, batches of gift cards which would be printed for the orgnaizations as well as allow paying out those organizations based on the sales that they produce.  Check out this video just going through the admin area.  There is also a front end for organizations not shown in this video.

What We Did

For Shayne Foods we took over a failed project from another developer and while their site was built with Opencart it was totally customized for their business.  We fixed every issue and improved upon the existing features.  The custom portion was built in Yii running alongside Opencart and we, while fixing the issues preventing the custom portion from being useful, moved it into the Opencart administration area.  We added the ability to create physical gift cards and used the Twilio phone API to allow activating those gift cards in the field by volunteers of organizations setup by Shayne Foods to sell those cards.  The volunteers just had to call a number and enter in the card number.  Then the voice prompts would guide them to allow paying for the gift card.  We also added things like a free shipping notification during checkout and fixed numerous issues they were facing when they came to us.