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Marty Staff asked 11 months ago

I keep hearing about Opencart. What is it and what does it do?

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admin Staff answered 11 months ago

Opencart is a shopping cart.

If you are asking this question first you should research "what is an online shopping cart" and you will find SELF-HOSTED carts like Magento, CScart, Opencart, WooCommerce and more. You will also find SAAS carts (software as a service) that are NOT self hosted and are created at the press of a button...well maybe not that easy. In our blog we wrote about the difference of a self hosted cart and a hosted cart if you want to get a full explanation.


It allows you to have an online store where your website visitors can browse your products, search your products, buy your products, setup payment plans, save their card on file, manage their order and get status updates, manage their order addresses and use coupons or loyalty program credits.

For the store owner (thats you) there is order managment, the ability to add/edit/delete producsts and categories, manage fullfilment, add/edit/delete informational pages, integrate with your other systems, sell on amazon and walmart and etsy and lots of other sites. You can also list your products in Google Shopping or affiliate websites and a ton more.


Keep in mind Opencart is perfect for small businesses or medium businesses with small budgets but if your a big fish you should be ins something like Magento instead which has more extensions and bigger ones that larger ecommerce stores need. That being said Magento is 2x more expensive to build and maintain.

If you have a super small budget you should consider the SAAS carts because they are the quickest to get into and are the most affordable since you dont have to mantain the codebase.


You can see Opencart in action via its demo on the Opencart website. or checkout our Opencart Videos.

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