WooCommerce DeveloperManaging an online business presents several challenges: owners need to create a site that’s appealing to customers and easy for them to use, but also thoroughly secure from hackers and viruses. Dozens of plugins exist to help web developers create high quality e-commerce websites, but most offer either power and flexibility with a steep learning curve, or a user-friendly interface with a disappointing lack of features. However, one such plugin for WordPress websites called WooCommerce is quickly becoming a leading choice for online businesses because it is highly customizable and secure, yet also very easy to use.

Since its release on 2011, WooCommerce has been downloaded over 40 million times, and the software currently powers over a quarter of all online shopping carts. Its base package is free and open source – it can be downloaded and deployed at no cost, and anyone with a programming background can inspect its source code for themselves if they’re uncertain about its security or stability, or even modify it themselves. In addition to its basic package, WooCommerce also offers hundreds of extensions (both free and proprietary) that can customize its appearance and expand its capabilities. The platform also has a very strong customer service division, including live support teams speaking many different languages, a full 30-day refund guarantee for paid extensions, and a huge library of documentation and troubleshooting tips.

Though it’s very easy to use, users can still get a lot more out of WooCommerce if they hire a WordPress WooCommerce Development Company like Weismann Web. Hiring a development company to manage its configuration guarantees that they’ll be using the best possible extensions for their business’s needs, and that they’ll have a thorough explanation of all the features. Many business owners depend on e-commerce software to earn their livelihood, but foolishly neglect to explore it deeply and ensure that they’re using the best possible setup. If your business relies on WooCommerce or other e-commerce software, contact Weismann Web today to make sure you’re getting all you can out of it.


WooCommerce’s Features to Draw In Business

WooCommerce offers many powerful tools to help its users attract new customers. The service’s basic platform has many powerful features on its own, and these can be significantly expanded on with the service’s hundreds of extensions. Some of WooCommerce’s most popular features include:

– Integration with popular payment services. There’s no need to rely on unfamiliar products to accept payments – WooCommerce is integrated with PayPal and Stripe, and can accept other payment platforms through its extensions.

– Data storage with MySQL. Webmasters can record a wide variety of information, such as daily sales figures, data about buyers, and more, which can be queried to offer insight into the site’s sales and buyers. All data is thoroughly encrypted, and WooCommerce asserts that they do not have any ownership of or access to it.

– Geolocation. Using a visitor’s IP address, some extensions are able to tell their approximate location, which can help with both targeted advertising and calculating shipping costs.

– Integration with MailChimp. Shops can maintain a mailing list and easily send their subscribers updates and coupons, right from their WooCommerce dashboard.

– Coupons, discount codes, and member logins. Users have a wide variety of options to reward their customers’ loyalty. Many plugins are available to manage private memberships or accept special promotions.

– Automatic tax and shipping calculations. Don’t worry about calculating the cost of additional fees, such as tax or shipping cost; the platform takes care of that on its own, including even international shipping. Users can also configure their stores to avoid shipping to certain countries or regions.

– Sorted search. Visitors can easily change how products are listed as they browse, sorting by price, size, etc.

WooCommerce has the power to set up e-commerce websites that resemble the most popular ones, or to create something entirely new. It is highly scalable, and can handle even sites that process millions of orders. Most importantly, WooCommerce keeps all user data entirely secure; it is routinely monitored by Sucuru, an independent firm that audits WordPress software to guarantee its stability and lack of vulnerabilities, and the service has never had a significant security breach. Contact a WooCommerce development company like Weismann Web today to learn more about this powerful service and begin designing your business’s website.


Why Hire a WooCommerce Developer?

Though WooCommerce’s base platform is free, even very tech-savvy users could benefit greatly from hiring a WordPress WooCommerce Development Company to help configure it. Since WooCommerce offers such a wide variety of extensions, it can be overwhelming for new users to select the best ones to achieve their goals, and they may risk overlooking some of the service’s most powerful features if they don’t have them thoroughly explained. A WooCommerce specialist such as those at Weismann Web can help guarantee that you’re getting the most out of this powerful service, and ensure that you completely understand the tool that will likely become integral to your business.


Improved Experience for WooCommerce Store Owners

WooCommerce’s developers have worked hard to make it as user-friendly as possible. Many WooCommerce users find that the service has a significantly cleaner admin dashboard than its more complex competitors such as Magento, and if they should ever run into trouble, they’ll find an abundance of help readily available online, including thorough documentation, how-to videos, and support centers that speak many different languages.

WooCommerce can be fully integrated with WordPress, so users already familiar with that service will find it particularly easy to adopt the new service. Its developers were also careful to avoid interfering with other WordPress plugins, so graphic themes, blogs, or other content won’t be impacted by integrating any WooCommerce features.

Computer-savvy WooCommerce users will be able to use the REST API to personally program some of their site’s features or automate some of their back-end business operations.

Another important aspect of WooCommerce is that most of its services are entirely free. Many of the service’s competitors require a subscription, or charge a portion of monthly profits; WooCommerce charges only for certain extensions or premium packages, so users are able to grow their business without worrying about fees.

WooCommerce offers a basic theme called Storefront, which gives users a fully functional online store where they can list their products, add their text and pictures, display user feedback, accept payments, and more. However, this is just one of hundreds of themes, and administrators can use these themes to customize every single aspect of their site, right down to the design of buttons. While experienced users can achieve impressive results on their own, many prefer to hire a WooCommerce development company like Weismann Web that can turn any design into a fully functional website.


SEO for WordPress and WooCommerce

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important facets of maintaining an online business. It refers to the practice of designing a website in such a way that search engines like Google rank it among the top results for the targeted keywords. Achieving good SEO requires both skilled copywriting that can include keywords naturally within the site’s text, as well as good web design that writes the code itself in a way that’s mindful of how search engines parse websites. Since an overwhelming majority of consumers now research most of their significant purchases online, visibility on search engines is critically important to starting and maintaining any sort of business; even very successful businesses can no longer afford to neglect SEO.

Hiring a WordPress website development company can help ensure that your website is configured to gain the best possible results in search engines. To accomplish this, they can coordinate the content writing that uses all the keywords you’d like to target, and strategically use headers, links, and meta descriptions to help gain greater weight in the search engines’ ranking algorithms. SEO is a cornerstone of modern marketing, and businesses not participating in it are at a significant disadvantage.



Everyone that runs an e-commerce business knows that their life revolves around their software platform. Depending on the scale of your business, you could be spending hours a day processing orders through this service, and you might be depending on it to protect your customers’ data and your livelihood. That’s why it’s critically important to select a software platform that offers exactly what you need, learn it inside and out, and hire a web development company to help ensure that it’s configured correctly and designed to your liking.

WooCommerce is an increasingly popular choice for e-commerce businesses because it’s simply one of the best platforms available, but its scale can still be daunting, especially to user with no web development background. Fortunately, Weismann Web can help. Weismann Web is a full-service WordPress web development company that offers setup and support for WooCommerce, as well as a handful of other e-commerce platforms. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation, and visit WooCommerce’s website to see some impressive examples of sites made using the platform.