Why Customers Leave Your Site without Buying Anything

Regardless of how attractive and well-designed your website is, it may seem like it doesn’t bring you the results you expect. If your customers leave quickly, without buying anything, you should probably take a systematic approach to improve your website performance. This approach is defined as conversion optimization, and it is all about making the most out of the traffic you already have.

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Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates With These Simple Tricks

Converting online store visitors into buyers is a major concern for online retailers. However, new research shows that many online retailers are failing to put enough effort into ecommerce conversion optimization. Research shows that online businesses spend most of their marketing budget on attracting visitors to their website. Only 5% of their marketing budget goes to conversion optimization.

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7 Powerful Ecommerce Site Optimization Techniques

When you are running an online business, your efforts are mostly focused on increasing your website traffic, your conversion rates, or both. The primary goal of your business is to attract customers and maintain their interest in your business, in order to increase sales. Facing expenses on a daily basis, you’re probably always on the lookout for cost-effective online marketing techniques. Out of all the options out there, ecommerce site optimization has been proven as one of the most effective.

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pay attention to your ecommerce conversion rate as it can make or break your business

6 Overlooked Areas for Easy Ecommerce Conversion Rate Improvements

Ecommerce conversion rate is one of the most important, and yet the most neglected aspects of online retail. Although the number of people who make their purchases online is rising, conversion is still a big issue. The bounce rates are high, but it seems that many retailers are not willing to do anything about it. Recent research shows that 50% of online retailers spend only 5% of their total marketing budget on improving conversion rates.

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Ecommerce Conversion Optimization – Why Visitors Leave Your Site without Buying

So, you have an awesome, creative, and eye-catching website. Moreover, you offer a great range of products and services on this website. According to your statistics, lots of visitors are browsing the website, but for some reason, very few of them end up making an actual purchase! If this is the scenario you are facing, it’s clear that you need to think about ecommerce conversion optimization.

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Simple Tricks that Boost Conversions and Decrease Abandoned Shopping Cart Rates

Abandoned shopping carts are a common problem for most every online store out there. You may have excellent copy, offer high quality products and yet still struggle with low conversion rates. The main reason for facing such problems is simply not capturing and maintaining your visitors attention.

Research shows that more than a half of online store visitors abandon shopping carts before completing the checkout process. Each abandoned shopping cart is an obstacle towards increasing sales and a cause of lost revenue. So really, rates of shopping cart abandonment have to be reduced if you want to run a solid online business.

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