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Ecommerce Conversion Optimization - Why Visitors Leave Your Site without Buying

So, you have an awesome, creative, and eye-catching website. Moreover, you offer a great range of products and services on this website. According to your statistics, lots of visitors are browsing the website, but for some reason, very few of them end up making an actual purchase! If this is the scenario you are facing, it’s clear that you need to think about ecommerce conversion optimization.

Ecommerce conversion optimization basics

The process of ecommerce conversion optimization consists of actions focused on identifying the needs of your customers and finding effective ways to meet them. Therefore, in order to increase your conversion rates, you need to evaluate the behavior of your site visitors.

Do a thorough analysis and take user feedback seriously if you want to improve the performance of your ecommerce website. Identify the core reasons why your site visitors are not making purchases and work on finding solutions. Don’t rely on guesses and subjective opinions. If you want to boost your ecommerce conversion rates, you need more accurate data.

Find the reasons for your low conversion rates and try to fix them. Test the improvements that you make on your site to make sure they are really working. If you need help along the way, do not hesitate to contact the Weismann Web team. Ecommerce conversion optimization is one of our specialties.

Most common reasons why visitors leave your site without buying

Customers are different in terms of wants, needs and triggers that motivate them to make a purchase. However, there are some common reasons that chase people away from using your ecommerce website to buy what they need.

1. They can’t easily find what they are looking for

Browsing an ecommerce site for hours and trying to find the things you need is just as exhausting as spending hours browsing through items in a physical store. Not everyone is willing to do it. Even the most passionate shoppers eventually get tired and leave.

When it comes to online shopping, people expect to find and buy what they need in a matter of minutes or seconds, when and if possible. If you want your ecommerce conversion rate to improve, you have to do your best to meet this expectation.

Simplify your site navigation as much as possible. Provide smooth and fast browsing for your visitors. One of the key factors in your site navigation is the search bar. Approximately 50% of online shoppers use it for navigation. So, make sure that your search bar is highly intuitive, offering fast solutions to visitors’ queries. If you’re offering a wide variety of products, use filters to make the search even faster.

2. They have trouble trusting you

The number of online shoppers is rising, but the issue of security remains a big concern with many people still. Make efforts to earn the trust of your site visitors and you’ll see your ecommerce conversion rate improve. Address all the uncertainties that your customers might have.

First, make sure to share a lot of information about yourself. Write a short introduction letter and tell your story in the “About us” section. Let your visitors know they are dealing with real people who have their own stories and a passion for offering premium products and services. Provide detailed contact information. Display your number in a big sized attention grabbing font, on every page of your site.

Get validated by groups such as TRUSTe and VeriSign. Add trust badges to your site, such as reviews from Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Provide security seals to assure your customers that their credit card details are kept private. Use relevant product reviews and testimonials.

Give a price match guarantee to assure people they are not getting ripped off. Provide clear information on discounts, shipping, product availability and return policies. Offer various payment options for the ones who are skeptical about giving out their credit card information. Offer free shipping, if and when possible.

3. They are not sure that your offers meet their needs

As an ecommerce website owner, you are aware of the huge competition out there. You need to assure your visitors that you have exactly what they need as soon as they visit your site. Communicate your value proposition clearly and convince people that you are better than everybody else in your field.

Use relevant, high quality images for your products and include the zoom option. Your customers need to be able to see exactly what they’re getting. Put images of your products from various angles. If it’s possible, use videos for some of your products. It helps people see what it's like to own the product.

Provide detailed product descriptions. Engage your customers and convince them that they really need your product. Don’t try to oversell. Give out all the relevant information, including something more than just the boring technical data. Explain the benefits of the product for the customer. Provide short descriptions with an option to read more details.

4. Your site is too complicated to use

Looking for a way to grab the attention of visitors, many sites end up distracting them, thus hurting their ecommerce conversion rates. Make sure that you only have relevant images, links and text on each page of your site. Don’t let the visitors find themselves looking for the way to buy your products.

Use big, clear and appealing call-to-action buttons instead of textual links. Choose a color that stands out from everything else on the page. Make sure that CTA buttons are consistent throughout the site in terms of position, size, and color. Use only one CTA button per page. Use clear wording for your calls to action.

Never, ever let a customer look for the shopping cart! Make sure that it’s visible at all times, so that your customers can access it whenever they need to. Generally, the upper right corner of the page is an ideal position to place the shopping cart.

5. It takes too long to make a purchase   

One of the most important factors that influence your ecommerce conversion rate is the speed. You have to provide fast and pleasant shopping experience for your customers. What is more important, you need to provide this regardless of the device they use to visit your site.

Make your website mobile-friendly. Ensure the fastest loading speed possible. This will also improve your SEO, which is an important part of ecommerce conversion optimization. Think about the overall design and user experience that you offer on your site.

Speed up the process of purchasing by using short forms. Eliminate any unnecessary form field. Don’t make users enter the same information twice. Pre-fill information wherever you can, such as pre-filling city and state when a user enters their zip code first.

Provide clear progress indicators to tell people where they are in the funnel. Add a live chat option for real-time support regarding any questions your customers might have while making a purchase. This will significantly increase your credibility.

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