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Why Customers Leave Your Site without Buying Anything

Regardless of how attractive and well-designed your website is, it may seem like it doesn’t bring you the results you expect. If your customers leave quickly, without buying anything, you should probably take a systematic approach to improve your website performance. This approach is defined as conversion optimization, and it is all about making the most out of the traffic you already have.

The importance of conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is very valuable when figuring out what customers search for when visiting your website. At its core, it is based on the key performance indicators that business-owners try to improve; therefore, it takes many different forms. In some cases, conversion optimization involves removing some pointless or complex steps which may cause your customers to leave your site without buying your products.

Conversion Optimization

In other words, conversion optimization/ecommerce optimization is used to enhance any website feature that is crucial to your business development. It helps you increase the percentage of website visitors and turns passive visitors into valuable converting users.

Reasons why customers leave your ecommerce website without making a purchase

Even though you are getting traffic to your attractive ecommerce website, you're not making enough profit. There are a few reasons for this, as well as suggestions on how to prevent future losses.

1. Security issues

According to recent statistics, about 20% of the users leave an ecommerce website quickly, without buying anything, if they are not content with its security measures. Moreover, about 50% of customers claim they will complete a purchase if they feel the website provides a high security level.

In order to prevent this issue, you should offer payment options that don’t require sharing card details, such as PayPal. There’s nothing more important than assuring your customers that their card details are safe and secure.

2. Complex site navigation

Poor site navigation can be another obstacle for potential customers. The more clicks they have to make to complete a sale, the greater the chances are of them leaving and not returning again.

Speaking of ecommerce optimization, it is advisable to never underestimate the power of a good website structure. It is important to make the purchasing process as easy as possible, consolidate the website pages and ensure they load fast. Try to avoid confusion and numerous clicks while completing a sale and your customers will appreciate it.

3. Time consuming registration and unexpected costs

Over 50% of online customers state they would leave an ecommerce website if asked to register. They don’t like following links, as well as verifying passwords and accounts, since it takes time to do it, thus causing irritation. It is advisable to assume that customers are always in a hurry, so the process of purchasing products should be simple and easy.

Unexpected costs are also a deal-breaker for many customers. There’s nothing more annoying when you find the perfect product, add it to the shopping cart and learn there’s an extra cost you have to pay! It’s essential to inform your customers upfront about any extra costs involved, so that they can decide whether to proceed with the purchase or not.

4. Poor delivery service and high shipping rates

Delivery services and shipping rates play an important role in the purchasing process. Over 70% of customers would shop at online retailers that offer free delivery. If you don’t offer free delivery, it can prove costly on your way to success.

Your estimated delivery time is also very important to customers. Even if your shipping rates are low, your customers may search for better delivery options if they think that the delivery time is slow. They may also give up on the idea of making another purchase in the future. So, it is always good to investigate faster and lower cost choices.

Since delivery time and rates are so important to customers, it is useful to offer them a few options regarding their order. Offering options like one-day delivery and standard delivery gives customers the freedom to make a choice. They can choose the time and price that suits them best and will appreciate the options you offer. After all, not everyone can afford paying a higher price for one-day delivery.

Stay in touch with your customers and reward loyalty

Communication is an important factor in any business, be it online or physical. It’s a key element to keeping your customers’ attention and finding out what they like (or dislike) about your offers. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure they can contact you and leave a comment on your website. By responding to their compliments and complaints, you create an opportunity to stay in touch and leave a positive impression about your brand.

Furthermore, keeping your customers informed about your latest sales and promotions is essential. The main point is to make them feel that you care about them before and after they make a purchase. Sending an e-mail to ensure that everything has gone as expected can contribute a lot toward a positive experience.

Rewarding your customers’ loyalty is also very valuable for your business. Giving them an incentive, a reason to come back and order again communicates respect and appreciation. Such incentives may include loyalty vouchers or cards, gifts and special discounts for those who make a purchase online. Keeping your customers happy will soon help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Provide an enjoyable purchasing experience for your customers

Remember that in the business world, it is all about having customers who are content. Conversion optimization will optimize your customers' purchasing experience online and increase your profits. So, try to identify when potential customers leave your site and make some changes to keep the purchasing process simple and fast. Provide an enjoyable purchasing experience to your customers and improve your profit margins.

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