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7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

If you are a proud owner of an eye-catching online store, chances are your primary concern is boosting your ecommerce conversion rate. This article includes seven proven tips on how to get your ecommerce customers to spend more and increase your profits.

1. High quality images should be a priority

While the first goal of every ecommerce business owner is turning visitors into buying customers, the next goal is getting them to purchase even more. In order to increase sales, it is crucial to focus on using high-quality product images. High-quality images are very important since people can’t actually touch products prior to buying them from an online store. Their purchasing decision is mainly based on how much they like the product image.

Moreover, it is always better to have high quality images that show the product from different viewpoints. Ecommerce sites that offer such features are more attractive to customers, because every potential customer wants to take a good look at what they are purchasing. Also, it is great if you can add a zooming option, so people could check out your products up close.    

2. Product descriptions are important

Regardless of the type of products you offer on your ecommerce site, it is always good to provide useful and detailed information about them. People like to read about the product's performance or contents, so they deserve to get relevant and valuable information. This doesn’t only help customers choose from a few similar products, but shows professionalism and adds value to your business image, too.

But, how much information is sufficient for a potential customer? There is no specific rule about the length of the product description. While some people want a few-word description about the product, others need more in-depth information before they can decide.

3. Video product descriptions make a difference

High quality images are essential, but video product descriptions can make a huge difference in persuading your online visitors to purchase your products. This type of product presentation offers a much better insight into the product; therefore, many online buyers find it very helpful.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about having a video description for every single product right away. You can start by creating a few video product descriptions, for some of the products that you are offering, and see how potential customers will react.

4. Live chat is very effective

Enabling the live chat option to answer product-related questions is helpful for many potential customers. Since customer care and customer service are changing all the time, live chat has been proved as highly effective, especially for new ecommerce businesses. People nowadays are usually very busy and they don’t like wasting their time writing emails and making phone calls to ask about a product.

The live chat is a quick method of communication and a great way to turn an indifferent person into a fan of your products or brand. According to recent studies, over 45% of online customers emphasize the importance of having a live chat. They state that chatting with a real person while deciding on a product or service is one of the most helpful features of any ecommerce business.

5. Create a special section for discounted products

People enjoy sales and special deals. When offered a good deal, they tend to make an impulsive purchase. The latest research studies show that over 50% of online buyers would buy a discounted product, even if they don’t need it. Meanwhile, over 65% of online visitors only check the discount sections of a website, without showing interest in viewing regularly priced products.

When creating a special sale section, it is crucial to highlight it, so that online visitors can easily find it. However, it is always good to avoid using rotating banners, and have a complete new section with all the special offers listed by groups, instead. Try to make this section clearly visible and easy to find.

6. Customization increases ecommerce conversion rate

Customization is always fun and adds a personal touch to otherwise regular products. Everyone enjoys receiving a customized gift – it makes people feel special and appreciated in a very intimate way. But, people also enjoy customizing products by themselves. They love expressing their creativity and wittiness by personalizing clothes, key chains, gadgets and other things they usually use.

This being said, online customers enjoy adding a personal touch to the goods they buy. Providing them with the opportunity to customize the products you offer will make them feel like they are an exclusive customer of yours. With customized product recommendations, you can increase your ecommerce conversion rate and improve your customer experience.

7. Improve the search option

As mentioned previously, people nowadays prefer finding what they need quickly and easily, rather than having to spend hours doing it. They need to find the products on your ecommerce site as quickly as possible, and that’s what makes the search feature essential.

Regardless of the number of products you are offering online, it is good to use the auto-suggest search option. That way, your potential customers can find products in just a matter of seconds. This is especially important when your ecommerce business is growing and expanding, and it’s one of the key features that can boost your ecommerce conversion rate.

Free shipping always leads to higher ecommerce conversion rate

So, you have created an outstanding ecommerce website to offer your products and applied all of the mentioned tips to boost your ecommerce conversion rate. However, your potential customers still decide to make their purchase elsewhere. Why? Because you probably charge them for shipping!

Shipping fees are a well-known conversion rate killer. In order to avoid this and attract more customers, many famous online stores offer free shipping. Some of these stores have specific conditions for the free shipping service, such as placing an order of at least 20 or 50 dollars. So, if you are ready to increase your profit by increasing your ecommerce conversion rate, it is wise to consider free shipping.

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