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Are you having trouble with store emails being delivered to customers?

Are you having trouble converting visitors into customers?

Our new clients typically do too.  So we’ve done the work for you.

OpenCart Consulting will convert your site into a lead generation machine. We have thought of everything. The site’s layout, content, imagery, and copy are optimized to increase conversions tenfold – and they work.

Created by the same team that has been supporting OpenCart since 2008, we know what works with OpenCart. How?

We have over 300 OpenCart installations in more than 5 countries under our belt. Have you been unsatisfied with your e-commerce results to date? Not only will our OpenCart web design services make an already successful business run better, but it'll also get your business converting better.

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24/7 Email Deliverability. 365 Days A Year. (That should be the tagline on our website, no?)

Say Goodbye To Rejected Email & Spam Boxes. 80% of all global e-commerce is currently done via email. Email sending is vital for an ecommerce business.

Store owners send out email for order confirmations, order downloads, newsletters and order status updates.  It is incredibly important not to make the mistake of sending out emails that are going to be caught in a spam filter. OpenCart Email Deliverability can help your e-mails reach your customers’ inboxes — where they belong.

Using Weismann Web Email Deliverability services, your emails bypass the spam box and get read. It’s easy to set up and works with all major email service providers. You can’t sell to people who don’t get your emails and you cant retain customers who are unhappy with their fulfillment experience. Our Email Deliverability & Repair services makes it easier for your customers to get the information they want as soon as they need it.

We can either fix your existing hosting or carts email issues or we can offer a service that continually manages your email reputation with the big email providers.

We handle all the email delivery work for you. Just focus on business, we’ll handle your email.

Typically clients who face this issue have been dealing with it for weeks and sometime longer since they did not know about it until enough people complained.  Store owners know that only a small percentage of customers complain but a large percentage have a bad taste in their mouth from a bad fulfillment experience.

Our goal is to correct your email so that its quick and always reaches the inbox and your customers are happy and your repeat sales are flowing.

Email deliverability is complex and this is a real pain point when it happens to store owners.  We are overjoyed when we get to solve a problem like this for our store owners because it really makes a huge impact on their peace of mind.

It’s why we love what we do. Every day, we get to make a positive difference in the online world and in the lives of our clients. We are 100% focused on creating a better shopping experience for our clients customers, and we’re always happy to show you how.


Common Email Deliverability Problems.


There is a lot of spam in the world and the ISP's are fighting that spam by using blacklists.  Blacklists are lists of server ip addresses that have been caught in the act of sending spam.  Once you get on these lists you will get blocked or spam boxed pretty quickly.  The only way to get off is to request the list to remove you.  But make sure your host or server is really not sending spam or you could get permanently banned after too many events.  Don't let blacklists ruin your day and let us talk to the blacklists and have you removed and in the meantime, for immediate results,  connect you with our email sending service that is monitored and gets the best delivery that your server could never do on its own.

Hacked Server

Have you considered you could have been hacked?  It is common for hackers to use your server to start sending phishing emails.  IF you have a virtual private server or even a shared host and another account was compromised then you could be sending spam without even knowing it.  Don't let hackers ruin your servers reputation.  We offer email monitoring and we will alert you to any bad emails going out from your server if you have control over it.  If you dont we cant setup our email sending service as a smtp account so you can easily send email and reach inboxes within an hour or two.

Bad SPF Record

This is probably the most common issue.  In today's fight against spam ISP's like Google and Microsoft have now required that servers have SPF records.  This is simple a text record that says who can send mail on your domains behalf.  It prevents spoofing and its a wonderful thing.  That being said its not so wonderful when your SPF is wrong and all your emails are going to spam or worse yet getting bounced back.  SPF is tricky and it has its own syntax and you have to know whether you need to go to your registrar or your host to enter it on your domain.  Don't get into the weeds and possibly make matters worse by guessing the right thing to do.  Let Weismann Web help you do the exact right fix for the exact problem you are having.

Opencart Bugs

Yes email deliverability can happen because your Opencart has a bug.  IT could be a bug from core Opencart or even from one of your extensions.  It could even cause your checkout to fail and all your orders go to missing orders in Opencart.  This is a dreadful experience and store owners often panic.  Don;t panic.  It is probably an easy fix that just requires some debug time to figure out the cause and heal it.  Let Weismann Web do the detective work to determine the source of the problem and put in a fix that allows you to get back into normal operation again.

Server Problems

Your server could be broken and it could cause your email to stop dead in its tracks once it is sent by your store.  Server problems can happen all the time and you need a web developer who knows the full stack of a website to be able to debug a problem like this.  The part of the stack involved is typically the OS and the email server software in this case.  Linux is the typical hosting environment for Opencart and Linux can get quite complicated and break easily if you run the wrong commands.  Let us take this worry from you and make sure your server is not the problem.  If it is the problem we will fix it quicker then it takes for you to enquire about our progress.

Something Else

There are so many things that can go wrong with email deliverability.  From encryption to DNS and other domain records like DKIM.  The problems are boundless multitudes but the solution to your exact problem are typically singular.  It is a safe bet to put this debugging in our hands because we guarantee to solve your exact email problem.  We have dealt with even the most obscure email delivery problems and we know the entire technical process of sending an email intimately.  There is no problem we cant solve and you don;t have time to try 5 different developers and only lead to more problems and more confusion.  Let us fix this for you and document all the steps we take for future reference.

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