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Are you having trouble converting visitors into customers?

Our new clients typically do too.  So we’ve done the work for you.

OpenCart Consulting will convert your site into a lead generation machine. We have thought of everything. The site’s layout, content, imagery, and copy are optimized to increase conversions tenfold – and they work.

Created by the same team that has been supporting OpenCart since 2008, we know what works with OpenCart. How?

We have over 300 OpenCart installations in more than 5 countries under our belt. Have you been unsatisfied with your e-commerce results to date? Not only will our OpenCart web design services make an already successful business run better, but it'll also get your business converting better.

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There is energy in a good looking website. When there are crystal clear product photos, and the color scheme works in harmony with the rest of the content, it makes the customer think, “I want to buy from here!” In a world where 3D viewers and augmented reality have become the norm, it’s essential that your website displays products in a beautiful and appealing way.

But it’s not just about aesthetics. It’s also about product details.

When we create your design, we make sure the menu and categorization are up to snuff. Your site will be created so that customers can easily find their way around. The architecture will consist of top level categories that break down into sublevels. We can also create a filter on a product page to ensure your visitor finds what they’re looking for.

Other elements we can install? The options are endless! One step checkout, exit popups, upsells, downsells—all these help the conversion path and direct your customers where you want them to go!

At Weismann Web, we’re excited to make the digital version of your store the best it can possibly be. That’s what you get with us: big shop performance, small shop connection.



Why Our Websites Convert.


OpenCart Web websites made by Weismann Web are fast on mobile and desktop.  With the right techniques an Opencart site can be one of the fastest shopping carts on the web.  Your customers will never get frustrated waiting for a page to load.  Not only does this help the customer but Google loves fast websites.

Product Discovery

We deploy technology such as mega menus, category filters, product quick view to help customers find what they are looking for.  If they do need to search for a product the search will handle their miss-spellings and allow for weighted searches on important product information to bring up exactly what they were looking for.

Purchasing Decisions

When the shopper finds what they are looking for they need to decide if the product is what they need which usually involves comparing your product page with their previous research, other products on your site, price and features.  This is why we help our clients create the most robust product page possible as well as product comparison and even report to the store owner the current competitor industry pricing.


A conversion is a name for the the actual sale.  In the end this is the whole reason why you have a store and everything should be focused on this.  We deploy marketing techniques such one step checkout, correct shipping quotes, in cart order total discounts, quick pay options, coupons with exit popups in the cart and abandoned cart emails as well as upsells, cross sells and down sells.  To help your customer support team during a conversion we can give you access to the shoppers exact cart and allow you to add and remove from their cart in real time during a chat or phone call.

Fulfillment Experience

The sale is done but the customers experience with your store just started.  Don't leave a bad impression by dropping the ball on communication regarding their order fulfillment or they may never come back.  We deploy techniques such as email & text shipping notifications, chat bot order status, guest checkout order status, curbside pickup, easy RMA's and a few other tricks up our sleeve to make your customer sing with joy to others about how great their experience was with your store.

Return Customers

Don't forget about your customers after the sale and after the delivery.  Getting the sale is pretty great but where the real money comes in is whats called customer lifetime value.  This is why you want to deploy tactics to encourage them to return and buy again.  In some cases the same product, in others a new product or a cross sell.  To do this we deploy techniques such as email newsletters, push notifications, retargeting, postcards, product suggestion algorithms along with coupo, promotional offers or just new product alerts.

The #1 In OpenCart

There’s a difference between being skilled and being the best – Our trusted team of experts work around the clock to provide unequaled quality, turnaround times, and support. We work tirelessly to guarantee client satisfaction and industry-leading results. We stay ahead of trends and new tech to make sure you’re getting the top-performing site your business deserves. Contact us today to get a free quote or to schedule a discovery call and be on your way to a newer, happier you.
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