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Are you tearing your hair out trying to figure out shipping, payments or your theme?

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This cart comes with easy to configure shipping rate plan, invoice, and the ability to add your preferred postage options such as PayPal, Google checkout, and other stateside customs clearance services but it is not easy to setup on your own.

Yes you can automatically calculate shipping.

We save you hours of time configuring shipping calculations and settings. Our services in this area is designed to help e-commerce entrepreneurs streamline the process of shipping, payments, and theme set up so you can focus on growing your business.

Shipping is automatic, easy, but complex for the non technical.

There is a reason why 60% of the internet runs on OpenCart — it’s powerful, easy to use, and flexible. We’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to. In just a phone call to Weismann Web, you can set up your online store and start accepting orders in no time.

There are no hidden fees. Everything is clearly and transparently laid out with no surprises. Selling products online can be scary. We’ll help you lower your risk, by handling everything for you. Ecommerce isn’t for everyone. But for those who want to sell online, OpenCart with Weismann Web is the leading vendor-agnostic e-commerce platform. We save you time and money by helping you get your store up and running.


What Can You Do With Shipping, Payments and Theme?

Basic Store Setup

If you simply need a store and need it quickly and have no custom needs your still going to need to setup shipping, payment and your theme.  Come to Weismann Web to do it right and to get the right outcomes your looking for.  These things can be tricky sometimes and even though they are standard settings there is nothing standard about navigating yourself around the different possible settings you could set.  When these things go wrong it will block you from launching.  So hire an expert today to help you setup your store exactly how you need it to be.,

Complex Shipping

Sure setting up fedex and UPS and USPS can be quite simple but not when you realize its not working anymore or that when the product reaches a certain weight it breaks the quotes.  Also maybe you want to integrate labels into tour process so you can handle it all in your store.  Maybe you need to get customer shipping quotes for obscure shipping providers or your drop shipper.  You could also want to offer free shipping after a certain total order amount is reached but you don't want that to happen for certain skus.  The shipping complications are endless and we can solve them all.  Reach out to us and tell us your problem and we will fix it in a jiffy.

Payment Methods & Repair

Every ecommerce site has to have a payment method.  We can help fix a broken payment method, add a new one or upgrade one if it is out of date. We can also tell you about other payment options that users love and that foster more sales.  This may be Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay to allow your customer to checkout in an instant or even Paypal Credit or Affirm allowing your customers to apply and pay with financing.  Maybe your payment method is not available in Opencart and you need us to custom code it or maybe you want to add a card on file feature.  So many payment option concerns and so little time to get it resolved.  Let us resolve your concerns with payment and you'll be sending payouts to your bank in no time.

Improving Your Theme

Themes are basically the design of your store.  Some customers don't know how important design is.  In some industries if your store looks cookie cutter the customer will leave immediately. That does not mean you cant use an out of the box theme.  You probably need to in order to reach the right budget and that's a good thing.  What we suggest us customize the theme slightly to get a different look and feel so your brand can stand out from the crowd. Let us make your website look good and professional and literally build trust in the eyes of your visitors

Theme Issues

Installing third party extensions and modules can also break themes and we are here to help fix that too.  This typically happens because the extension or module modifies the same area of code as another.  While Opencart has OCmod that allows this modification to be as conflict-less as possible conflicts still happen all the time and especially when you use many extensions.   We can install any extension or module and make sure it works flawlessly not only with your theme but other parts of your cart as well.  If it is already installed we will handle the conflicts and you'll be as good as new in no time.

Theme Upgrades

Did your theme stop working?  Did it totally break?  Do you need to upgrade to support new features or fix bugs?  That's no problem for us and we can have you back in tip top shape in no time.  We can upgrade your theme while not breaking any of your custom features or your third party extensions.  In fact this is our speciality.,  Flawless theme upgrades is our thing and our customers appreciate it.  Even if you need to upgrade a major version of Opencart make it like it never happened yet you benefit that it did.  We will make sure your store is still fast and operates flawlessly with the new theme and you'll be able to rest easy once it is done and correctly taken care of.

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