Our Maintenance Packages

How does web maintenance work?

Choose a website maintenance plan that works for your website. Whenever an update is necessary, we will take care of it you. Our turnaround is typically a few business days, or faster if you are in a real pinch. You will receive quarterly invoices, and you can choose from web maintenance plans as little as one hour per month.

What services can the maintenance time be used towards?

Anything! Maintenance plan time may be used toward content, graphics, application development or even new projects. There is no catch.

What are the Maintenance Plans?

Depending on how many hours of updates your web site will need per month, you can pay for the following plans and upgrade whenever you like!

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What if I don't use my time?

Don't worry - your hours don't expire until every year! This means you will have twelve months to let them accrue before using them.

What is the next step?

Contact us to review how much time you might need and the right plan for your web site or order now!

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