I need to know how to migrate database from joomla to..

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QuestionsCategory: OpencartI need to know how to migrate database from joomla to..
Marty Staff asked 11 months ago

I am submitting this question here for a client.

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admin Staff answered 11 months ago

We have experience in both Joomla and Opencart : so I think I can give a good answer on this.

If you do have a shopping cart on Joomla already you need to use a migration tool in order to migrate from Joomla to Opencart. If you do have a store you likely have virtuemart or something custom using another extension.

We at Weismann Web have custom tools to do this but we sometimes use services like cart to cart:


This requires that your Joomla store be supported by the tool. Opencart is already supported. If your cart on Joomla is custom you will need to hire a developer to migrate the data.
If you do NOT have a store and you want to move from cms to another cms THEN add a new store to Opencart after the CMS is moved that can be done too and the same company has a CMS2CMS migration service but Opencart does not have a very usable CMS. It just has info pages so most clients pair it with WordPress or some other CMS alongside Opencart. You can also purchase an Opencart blog plugin but it will not have as many features as Wordress plus something like that would probably need a custom migration too.

Please be aware these services are usually for web developers and the offshore staff at them are not always easy to work with. We usually help our clients navigate this process so that the migration is successful and no data is lost.

If you have a store you probably want to migrate orders, customers, customer addresses, products and probably some custom data usually comes up in most clients needs when they have an extension that powers a critical part of their site they need to retain in the move.
This just answers the question about how to migrate the data the next task is to choose an Opencart theme and customize it. This is not too hard to do if you have experience with HTML and CSS but it could get very tricky if youre new to that.

After you migrate your data you may find little inconsitencies in the migration here and there and you will need to work with the migration company to fix them. We take care of this entire proeces for our clients but if you have a small budget I have seen many clients figure this stuff on their own and only contact us for when they get to a blocker.

Any other questions feel free to submit a question on thise Q&A. If you need one on one help you can contact us.

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