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Our Web Development Process


Ensuring the success of project is a complicated matter, but one that is made simpler by having a clear-cut process to follow. At Weismann Web, we have come up with a simple and easy-to-follow process to ensure that all of the project's goals, deadlines and objectives are met. Here is how it works:

1. Planning. Starting a project without a plan is certainly bound for failure. That is why every project we handle goes through the planning stage first. This is where we determine your needs, goals and objectives. Aside from that, we also look into the industry you belong to, your audience and your competitors. From all these, we come up the plan which will serve as the foundation of the entire project.

2. Information Design. Before we even design the graphical elements of your website, we need to know what goes into each page first. Included in this stage is the creation of the website's site map, wireframe, and seeing how to best approach the different personas of your users. We do these things to ensure that all the data flows logically on each page, and that all the elements are designed and written to ensure a positive reaction from the audience.

3. Graphic Design. It's all about the right balance of form and function when it comes to designing the website. What it means is that our designs look great without obscuring the message that you wish to convey. We also take a careful consideration of your image to immediately tell your visitors what you are about.

4. Development. A great-looking website isn't much without the code underneath that make it all function. So we hand-code all the back end elements of your website while strictly adhering to industry standards and other considerations such as cross-browser compatibility and accessibility.

5. Launch. After weeks of hard work, your website is complete--almost. Before we launch it to the public, we will make sure that everything works without any bugs and errors in the code, design and copy. We will also present it to you for approval so that the end product meets your expectations. Once the website is approved, we will migrate it to the production server and it will finally go live for everyone to see.

6. Support. While you are happy with your site today, chances are that you will eventually outgrow it as your needs and trends on the internet change. So whether you need tools to analyze your traffic or make it more visible to search engines, you can trust us to provide you with ongoing support.

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