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Our Process For Custom Applications

Our process at Weismann Web is 100 percent focused on your satisfaction, and what you need to grow your business. To create a custom web application for your business, we:

  • Plan. To create the plan for your custom web application, we work in-depth with you to determine your needs and goals. We don’t create the app until we have a complete understanding of what you want. This builds the foundation for the app development in order to ensure that the final product accomplishes its goals.
  • Design. At Weismann Web, we understand that design can make or break any application. It has to be easy to navigate and effective. We keep all coding in check to make sure the app runs smoothly.
  • Develop. We only use the most powerful tools available to build our custom web applications. Tools such as CodeIgniter allow us to create the framework for your app while modifying the specific needs
  • Support. One of the benefits that our clients love is our dedication to customer service. We don’t consider a project complete until you absolutely love our work—that’s our guarantee! We also guarantee that it works and offer incredible free support for 90 days and have discounted support plans after that time is up.


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