Small Business Owner

Does Your Small Business Need a Website?

Do I need a website for my small business? As a small business owner it’s a legitimate question to ask. Websites do require a monetary investment. But, even more importantly they require a time investment. So, considering the money, time, and effort it takes to maintain a successful website for your business it also makes sense to consider whether or not you actually need one.


To help answer that question, consider this analogy. About four months ago I saw a package of phone books being delivered to the building where I work. The two shrink-wrapped stacks of Yellowpages adorned the center table-piece of our building lobby for about two weeks. At that point, someone got tired of the eyesore and moved them to the corner, sitting them in the floor by the elevator. They sat there for another six weeks until they finally disappeared (I’m assuming to the recycling bin).

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