Why Most Businesses Fail with Pay Per Click Marketing

If you are running an online business, you are probably familiar with the struggles of attracting a large number of website visitors. Looking for ways to increase their profits, many business owners nowadays rely on pay per click marketing as an advertising method. They pay Yahoo, Facebook, Google and similar companies to help them drive traffic to their website. The fee they have to pay depends on the keywords they use.

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7 Powerful Ecommerce Site Optimization Techniques

When you are running an online business, your efforts are mostly focused on increasing your website traffic, your conversion rates, or both. The primary goal of your business is to attract customers and maintain their interest in your business, in order to increase sales. Facing expenses on a daily basis, you’re probably always on the lookout for cost-effective online marketing techniques. Out of all the options out there, ecommerce site optimization has been proven as one of the most effective.

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Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates With These Simple Tricks

Converting online store visitors into buyers is a major concern for online retailers. However, new research shows that many online retailers are failing to put enough effort into ecommerce conversion optimization. Research shows that online businesses spend most of their marketing budget on attracting visitors to their website. Only 5% of their marketing budget goes to conversion optimization.

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How can a PPC Management Company Help E-Commerce Sites in 2015?

Pay per click (PPC) is a marketing strategy which uses search engine advertising in order to generate clicks to a certain website. Instead of spending your time waiting for your website to earn the clicks naturally, this marketing strategy speeds up the process. As internet marketing becomes more intensive nowadays, many companies are turning to our professional PPC management company to keep up with trends and stay competitive.

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Quick Tips for Writing an Awesome Blog Post

When it comes to driving traffic to your site, one of the most effective and most misunderstood tools available comes in the exact form as this post comes to you: a blog post.

It is generally accepted in the web arena that frequent, good-quality blogging can increase traffic to your site significantly. As a matter of fact, a recent study by Hubspot found that frequent posts could increase site traffic 5 fold. For small businesses, the news is even better as the study surmised that there is an even more significant correlation between increased blog posts and increased site traffic than is the case for larger businesses.

It’s no coincidence then that many businesses are clamoring to start up a proper blog. But, before you strike up an account and start blogging away we wanted to give you a few tips for creating good quality posts.


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Simple Tricks that Boost Conversions and Decrease Abandoned Shopping Cart Rates

Abandoned shopping carts are a common problem for most every online store out there. You may have excellent copy, offer high quality products and yet still struggle with low conversion rates. The main reason for facing such problems is simply not capturing and maintaining your visitors attention.

Research shows that more than a half of online store visitors abandon shopping carts before completing the checkout process. Each abandoned shopping cart is an obstacle towards increasing sales and a cause of lost revenue. So really, rates of shopping cart abandonment have to be reduced if you want to run a solid online business.

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